Robert Hertel
Sales Coach & Keynote Speaker


I attended one of Robert's classes a few months back and he is very knowledgeable on the subject. He keeps the energy high thru the class and makes it fun. It's easy to get bored at these events but Robert keeps at a pace that you learn without getting distracted. I would recommend his classes to anyone looking to acquire a deeper understanding on the subject.

Robert has a great presence. He is highly knowledgeable about real estate and lending practices and, importantly, is up-to-date with the latest trends and developments in the industry. It is clear Robert has a knack for being in front of an audience

I've attended several classes taught by Robert Hertel and I found his style of teaching to be informative and easy to follow. Robert is a natural at what he does.

Robert Hertel's presentations and overview of the mortgage lending and real estate business highlight his expertise and knowledge of the industry. He is personable and energetic and is always happy to elaborate on a point, or to answer any questions. His presentations are well thought out and professionally prepared so that the audience always leaves well educated and informed.

Robert's presentation skills are off the charts. Not only does he provide valuable information but he also provides it in a way that everybody can understand. On top of that his energy and enthusiasm keep you intrigued the entire presentation. I have been to a few classes to learn about buying real estate and Robert is by far the best presenter I have come across.

I recently had the opportunity to see Robert make a presentation on Financing options for Condominiums. Robert did a wonderful job of explaining not only basic terms but also more complicated terms in a manner that was easy to follow and made sense. I was not aware that there were so many differences in the financing process for a condominium versus a single family residence. I was also not aware that the number of privately owned condominiums versus condos owned by a builder or REIT will affect everyone’s ability to finance or refinance.....